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Pet Products


Veterinarian’s Guide to travel and health for dogs. Forty (40) pages for dog records and trivia. Bound in burgundy leather-like cover. No imprint included, consider adhesive labels.

Veterinarian’s guide to travel and health for cats. Thirty-six (36) pages for cat records and trivia. Bound in Ivory leather-like cover. No imprint included, consider applying adhesive labels.


Example: Custom Auction Booklet. Slightly larger than your personal passport in both directions. Custom information on 36 pages each 5.0” X 6.75” in full color, quality 80# sterling gloss paper, bound in a leatherette cover, foil stamped with corporate logos. Think of a fund-raising auction listing all the product donations.


NORMAL PRODUCTION TIME: 3-4 weeks after final approval. Stock pet items 1 week.
LESS THAN MINIMUM: Not available.
SPLIT DESTINATION SHIPMENTS: $8.00(X), typed labels required.
F.O.B. POINT: Warehouse in Wisconsin. Class: 5T
NORMAL PACKAGING: Bulk in boxes. Pet passports 25 per box.
SPECIAL PACKAGING: Envelopes with inserts quoted separately.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Electronic files must be supplied. Quark Express as the page layout program. Illustrations and logos should be done in Adobe Illustrator. Photos done in Adobe Photoshop. Must send all screen and printer fonts. Booklets will be 16 or 36 pages of text plus a 4-page cover. Cover is 11 Pt. Kroydonflex leatherette includes 1 color foil die stamped. Text will be printed in four-color process on 80# sterling gloss. Any customer alterations or labor to supplied files will be charged at $100(X) per hour. Stock pet products mix or match in multiples of 25.


Item Description 500 1000 2,500 5,000 10,000+
CPP Canine Passport 4.10 3.90 3.80 3.80 3.80
FPP Feline Passpot 4.10 3.90 3.80 3.80 3.80
CCP081C Cornwall Cover Passport, 1 color on eight pages 3.98 2.05 0.98 0.64 0.48
ECP16C1 Economy Custom Passport, 1 color on 16 pages 6.60 4.20 2.70 2.10 1.70
ECP32C1 Economy Custom Passport, 1 color on 32 pages 7.40 4.60 3.10 2.30 1.90
ECP16C4 Economy Custom Passport, 4 color on 16 pages 9.80 5.60 3.40 2.36 1.94