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Gold and Silver Golf Balls

Play golf when the sun is out and your silver or gold golf ball will be the easiest to find. The shinny balls glisten in the sun light. Drop three silver balls on the practice putting green and you will get some great comments from the other golfers.

SUCCESS STORY: A local auto dealer advertised a free gift with a test drive. The choice was a velour bag of three gold golf balls or a nice large umbrella. The dealer reported all golf balls were selected before any one took an umbrella.

The silver ball is the best seller due to 25 year anniversaries.

The gold, silver and bronze golf balls are color coded for your golf tournaments. The minimum order is one dozen per color.

Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts are a natural. You decide who gets the Gold.

A silver ball as "Gift with a purchase" will make your product bounce out of the door.


Gold, Silver & Bronze Playable golf balls.
Golf Balls are 90 compression and vacuum metalized.
Specify: GB-Gold, SB-Silver, BB-Bronze
Imprinted? Special Packaging? Business Gifts?
1st, 2nd, or 3rd place awards?
Golf Outings with class?
Mother’s Day Gift? Father’s Day Gift?
What’s new and different?

Prices DO NOT INCLUDE imprint.
2-4 weeks.
LESS THAN MINIMUM: No imprint one (1) dozen.
SPLIT DESTINATION SHIPMENTS: $5.00(T). Minimum 1 dozen per location.
F.O.B. POINT: Factory in Ohio. Class: 5T
NORMAL PACKAGING: Bulk, individually wrapped. 1.5 lbs. Per dozen.
SPECIAL PACKAGING: White box one ball $2.16(T) per dozen.
Clear box three balls $3.60(T) per dozen.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Silver balls (SB) and Bronze Balls (BB) available.
Add two weeks for silver and bronze balls.
METHOD OF IMPRINTING: Pad printing one – three colors only.
COLORS OF IMPRINTING: Red and Black are standard, other colors available.
NORMAL COPY LIMIT: 1 _” diameter on one side, add second side charge
DIE CHARGE: One time die charge of $100(T) per color.

Prices in dozens 12 21 50 100 300
GB Gold Playable golf balls, no imprint , bulk 53.72 51.72 45.72 42.72 39.72
   Add: Imprint 1 color 1 side per dozen 5.28 5.28 5.28 5.28 5.28
             Imprint 2 colors 1 side per dozen n/a n/a 9.28 9.28 9.28
             Imprint 3 colors 1 side per dozen n/a n/a 13.28 13.28 13.28
             Clear box three balls per pack 3.60 3.60 3.60 3.60 3.60