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Flushable Bags (Made From Corn)

The responsible way to deal with your pet's waste. No need to hide it in the trash or mess with dirty plastic bags. Just flush it away bag and all.

Enjoy your walk. The Flushable Bag is a slow-dissolve rate polymer (plastic) bag. Under normal conditions this bag will stay intact for over one hour.

This is a water soluble product using it in wet conditions may lead to unsatisfactory results. May be unsuitable for use in rain. The dissolve rate is increased by both available moisture and higher temperatures. Always store in an air tight container.

1. The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain buys the FB-5 that has five (5) Flushable Bags in a zip-lock bag with their logo instruction sheet. They give the Flushable Bags to their guests that have a pet dog. See the flyer here.

2. The City of Madison, bought and installed the FB-500D aluminum bag dispenser at each of the dog parks. As each guest and their dog comes into the park they can take one flushable bag from the dispenser to pick up after their pet and deposit bag and all in a regular toilet that flushes into the city system. The city saves money and the unpleasant job of picking up messy plastic, cardboard, and paper bags.

SHIPPING WEIGHT: 50 bags in zip-lock bag weighs 8 oz., 60 per case 22 lbs.
F.O.B. POINT: Warehouse in Wisconsin. Class: 5T
NORMAL PACKAGING: : 8.5” X 14” clear zip-lock bag.
SPECIAL PACKAGING: Literature, coupons, cards, inserted. QUR
SET UP CHARGE: Add $25.00 for full color imprinting on inserts.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Black imprint only on 1,000 units. Full color logos & imprints on 1,000 or more. Your 8 X 10” insert sheets inserted at no charge.
Bags made in Great Britain from Polyvinyl Film (made from corn).
Business card size, 3.5” X 2”, imprint area on instruction sheet included.

Item Description 50 500 1,000 2,500 5,000+
FB-5 Five (5) Flushable Bags 3.40 3.30 3.20 3.10 3.00
FB-10 Ten (10) Flushable Bags 4.90 4.80 4.70 4.60 4.50
FB-50 Fifty (50) Flushable Bags 17.00 16.70 16.50 16.20 16.00
FB-500D Aluminum dispenser that holds 500 flushable bags 185.00 185.00 185.00 185.00 185.00